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ラッピンノットを展開するのは新潟県五泉市にて50年以上の歴史を持つ「UMEDA KNIT」、日本有数のニットファクトリー。多種多様の編み機と職人による縫製技術がクロスオーバーしてハイクオリティなアイテムを展開している。

Originated in Niigata, Japan, Wrapinknot brings an original mix ofknit wear creativity, combining various materials and techniquesthrough this season’s new collection. Wrapinknot creations come from Umeda Knit’s heritage when, At the end of the 19th century, the Gosen region of Niigata was already reknown for silk and knit makingUmeda knit grew strong from this tradition, though also adding experiencein the 1950’s and 60’s bringing western knitting techniques and culture to their already existing eastern savoir-faire. Wrapinknot’s collection naturally transcends this very own experience, Creating a unique combination. A true modern heritage…